Converting videos to watch on TVs Pen-Drive and DVDs

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You know those new models of Televisions the State of Paraná has acquired for the public school system? And those apparatus of DVD you purchase and comes with the famous USB Input, know how to watch videos on it? Some people have questions on how to convert.

If you use the Movie Maker of own Windows the video will be saved in the format WMV. From this format that we will work on the conversion.

For this tip, Download the program WMV to AVI MPEG DVD WMV Converter (Click here). Note that the program is not free forever, and after 30 days you must purchase your license to continue using. For a workaround to the end of the text and read the session Important.

First step, Open the program and click Add Files.

converta videos tv pen drive 1

Navigate through folders and add the(s) file(s) sf video you want to convert, and then click Open.

converta videos tv pen drive 2

Go to the settings. Especificarei each option below.

Output Folder – Folder where the(s) file(s) converted(s) will be(will) saved(ss.

Output Format – Final video format.

Output Quality – Level of quality of converted video.

Width/Height – Width and height of the video (resolution).

FrameRate – Number of frames per second (fps).

Aspect Ratio – Aspect ratio (default format).

Volume – Audio intensity.

Of all these, two are the key to the display in the devices Electronics: Output format and Width/Height. See how to configure them:

In Output format choose MPEG-1 Format, that is the standard format supported by devices.

converta videos tv pen drive 3

In Width/Height leave in 640×480.

converta videos tv pen drive 4

The other options are also important, but vary from one to the other. For example, in Output Quality Select Good to have a good final result. 25.0 fps are already sufficient in FrameRate, and the Aspect Ratio more compatible with the TVs is the 4:3. Unless your TV is widescreen (LCD, Plasma or LED), in this case should be 16:9.

Now that it's all configured click Convert and wait for the computer work for you.

converta videos tv pen drive 5

Now just copy the file to your thumb Drive and watch it on their devices! :D

Important: If your video is in another format than the initial WMV or you have problems with the program indicated above (as converted video only 50% or no audio), Click here and download the Format Factory. Convert video to MPG format-1 with DVD quality. It is simple and fast. If you have any questions leave your comment below.

Tip very recommended for teachers and Students wishing to make works and projects, or for those who want to watch videos directly from Pen Drive.

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