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You are entering the world of gamers, and wants to enter with all. To do this, purchased a video card. Until then okay. But what now, How to install this “business”? Calm, It's not the end of the world. See below how.

Important Details

barramento agpBefore everything, What should be noted is the type of video card to be installed. If your computer supports PCI Express or AGP be exposed in the instruction Manual of the motherboard or can be seen with some hardware monitoring program, for example, the Everest. Seen it, is already a big step. Remembering that this should be seen before you buy.barramento pci express

Another important factor to be noted carefully before buying the card is your source of energy. Depending on the Board, You will need to change your. For example, My Board is a XFX GeForce GTS 250 and requires a minimum 450 watts for real work. If you have that font generic 450 watts, Forget it. In fact, She does not pass fonte dinheiroof 300 real watts. It is better for the hand in the Pocket and acquire a more potent, before your computer ahab compromised.

Physical Installation

This is a very important part, because it will be the actual installation of the video card. First of all, Open your Office using a philips key and remove the cover just the opposite side of the motherboard.

abrindo gabinete

Now, We must withdraw a small safety lock located at the back of the Cabinet, generally using two screws. This latch is responsible for fixing all computer AGP or PCI cards.

esquema gabinete atras

With the protection removed, either remove the video card from its packaging and, carefully, hold it by the edges, avoiding the most touching the printed circuit board, in some component, filament or chip. Dock it on the bus and check that the card is inserted until the end and secured. Don't worry if it is half loose if pushed up and down (Directions North and South of the Cabinet), This will be corrected with the safety lock.

instalando placa video 1

Done it, screw again the safety lock and the chassis cover.

Auxiliary power input

On some boards it is possible the existence of an auxiliary power PIN (up to two). This should be used to meet the needs of power plate, and the energy comes directly from the source. Usually an adapter came with the Board, simply connect. If your source has already come with the proper connector (6 and 8 PIN) use it(s).

energia auxiliar placa video

Auxiliary sound input

You, probably, do you know the famous output HDMI. There are cases where the video card needs “pull” the sound directly from the motherboard. To do this, need to connect a stem in a digital connection call SPDIF. This will ensure that only one cable (HDMI) send digital sound and video to your TV. Usually the cable came with the video card. Otherwise, It will be very difficult to find the loose sale market.

cabo spdif placa video

conexao spdif placa mae

Logical Installation

Once you have everything installed (physically) comes the logical part, that is the Software. In all cases, the cd instalacao placa videovideo card comes with a CD (or DVD) Setup. Insert it in your drive reader and follow the instructions in the installer (setup).

Remembering that most drivers are available on the CDs are not updated. It is worth accessing the website manufacturer and download a latest driver. This will ensure a better performance in their games Favorites.

Good luck! :D

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