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conexao 4g notebookWhen it comes to 4G the question comes to our mind is: What is the technology 4G? Well, 4G is basically the extent of 3 g technology, but with higher bandwidth. But so far nobody knows exactly the real definition of 4 g. Some people say that the 4 g technology is a technology of the future that is beginning to emerge. A expectativa para a tecnologia 4G é basicamente a alta qualidade na transmission de áudio/vídeo em tempo real utilizando um IP (Internet Protocol). If this goal is really achieved will be a major evolution. THE WiMAX or structural design mobile will be increasingly transparent and, Therefore, the acceptance of several architectures to a particular network operator will be increasingly common.

Many technologies they appear in various “flavors” and have many different brands which they accompany, but unfortunately do not indicate that they are working separately. The technologies that fall into the categories 4 g are UMTS, OFDM, SDR, TD-SCDMA, the technology MIMO and WiMAX, among other.

4 g technology offers high data rate, that will enable new trends and prospects for the market, as well as for telecommunications companies. 4 g networks, When connected with smartphones high resolution and digital cameras with HD capabilities, much so-called common Videologs.

After the successful implementation, 4 g technology will allow a broad computing, that connects simultaneously to numerous high-speed networks, providing essential data transfers in all geographical regions. Many network administrators will be able to use the technology, for example, in the wireless networks and radio network to ensure competent and safe connection, assigning the network traffic and broadband.

Iphone 4GSome of the companies who have experienced 4 g mobile communications obtained a result of 100Mbps for mobile users and up to 1Gbps in fixed stations. They plan to launch their wireless network to 2011. However, other competitors of mobile communication working upon the 4 g technology to launch it as soon as possible. NII plans to launch the WiMAX 4 g in Portugal. Some of other developed countries like the United Kingdom declared a plan for sale through auction of 4 g mobile frequencies for a number of years ago. The word “Magic” also refers to 4 g technology that serves to mobile multimedia, anywhere, global mobility solutions, integrated wireless services and custom.

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