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dolaresHey, calm down. We're not making an auction. Not least because it would be completely different to an auction in a site that has as goal to inform and teach your users, It's not even? Well, Let's do this Tip in General Special, created so we can remember a few moments of our financial life related to Technology and Informatics.

We have discussed several themes here, related technology and Informatics, but always something more specific, persnickety and technical. Because this time let's talk a little bit more for the user side, consumer. Follow.

hyper threadingTechnological developments

You all are already bald of knowing: “technology advances every day more”, and my goal isn't to talk more about it, just complement the content that will come forward with some statements.

Technology advances every day more (Jeez!), bringing the real world effects and dynamic creations, interactive and creative. But in addition a series of other factors are renewed, among them:

  • New materials are used;
  • The software is upgraded and offer more features;
  • The hardware becomes increasingly interactive and enhanced;
  • The price changes…

The price changes? As? Why?

Yes, the price changes. As manufacturers seek new capabilities to manufacture a product in several factors are favorable – or not – to change the final value of the product. For example, If a manufacturer begins to use a material 5% cheaper to manufacture a product, certainly at the end the value will fall a little more.

Another factor that influences (and very) the movement of prices is the competition. The greater the availability of similar products, most shopkeepers will lower their prices manufacturers, in order to attain that target audience.

Now you understand the title of this matter. Read the contents below.

How much would you pay for…

walkman toca fitaA Walkman (1980) – Played magnetic tapes, came with a headset (Some had even inline boxes!).

You paid up $ 300 for a toy of these.

tv antigaA television, brand new, with that huge cathode ray tube, heavy, that image chiada, but you were there watching.

You paid up $ 2,000 .00 by one of these! :)

notebook antigoA Notebook, with up to 1 GHz processor, 64Mb of RAM, operating system Windows 95, a spectacle.

Know how much you desembolsava to buy a like this? Until $ 6,000 .00!

celular tijolaoA Mobile, great, heavy, affectionately nicknamed “tijolão”. It was a wonder that load on the equipment belt, I almost pulled her pants. The signal took on any apex.

What, felt weird? You had the ability to buy one of these for the price of up to $ 2,000 .00!

videogame antigoA videogame, with graphics in 8 and 16 bits, running straight from memory or even portable cartridge. When was some evil contact was just blowing and try again.

You paid up $ 1,800 .00 by a. Will say no?

disqueteA floppy disk, where you kept 5 medium sized pictures on it and found the “such”, took to where they wanted to any file from your computer that had less than 2 megabytes. How many text files you could download it? Thousands!

And you know how much you paid? Until $ 35!

computador antigoA computer, processor 100 up to 900 MHz, 32 MB memory, HD 800 MB and the screen of 10 inches (useful). It was fantastic to type text on it and wait for the computer go typing alone shortly thereafter. And those games then you played? It was fantastic!

You had the courage to pay up $ 3,000 .00 by one of these!

We are not criticizing the technology, on the contrary, just showing that evolution is beneficial in every way. Saw how equipment that used a few years ago were expensive and did not have as many features as we see today?

Particularly, I believe that in a few years what we use today will be “trash”. And you, identified himself with any above device? Comment!

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