The presence of Java in our day-to-day

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Java is an object-oriented programming language, developed by a small team of people in Sun Microsystems. Initially designed to be language-based software projects for electronic products, Java had its great boom in 1995, due to the worldwide success of The World Wide Web.

Sometimes we think: where is that Java is present? Because believe me: in almost all! Veja abaixo algumas imagens com alguns aparelhos que rodam na platform Java.

Celular Mp12 Mobile Phone – Your player, most likely, is capable of running on Java platform, allowing the installation of applications as browsers, games and utilities programmed entirely in Java. You the loads in your Pocket every day and don't even know what scrolls by “inside” It? Let's inform!
eco tv Television – Contrary to what people think, Nowadays, many televisions already come out of the factory running Java. It turns out that, with this language, an infinite number of features and settings are possible on the TV, primarily for image management and digital sounds.
forno microondas Microwave – Know that the oven that you use to heat up the coffee, the bread, the milk, the food, Bake one pizza, lazagna and everything else? Because I know that some of these devices run on Java platform! IS, the power regulator, presets for various types of food as well as other functions are programmed in this language.
geladeira Refrigerator – Still unlikely, but there are rumors that Refrigerators already run on Java platform. I believe it is to control the temperature, user-defined functions for control panels, and assist in energy savings, who knows…
dvd player DVD Player – DVD menus are programmed in Java. AND, course, to work properly it is essential that the reproductive system itself makes reading and interpreting this language. Not only DVD players, but also the recent Blu-ray that, through Java, achieves excellent features and effects. Cool, It's not even?


The Java language is considered one of the most promising of all time, It promises and fulfills, and each day more is present in our daily life.

Talvez você ainda não soubesse que alguns dos main aparelhos eletroeletrônicos que dividem a mesma cada que você já rodam nesta plataforma.

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