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bebe propagandaKnow those sites full of propaganda who leave the computer slow and make horrible navigation? Then, aqui vai uma solução para o problem.

Remembering that, to use this tip, You will need the browser Mozilla Firefox (download – Click here). IS free and strongly recommended! :)

Open your browser and load the following URL: Through it we will install and download the Adblock Plus, an excellent add-on that will remove the unwanted ads.

To add the add-on click Add to Firefox. If a message appears at the top of this page, Click on the button Allow.

removendo propaganda sites 1

Done it, Click Install now and wait for the installation.

removendo propaganda sites 2

If you see a button as Restart Firefox, click it. Don't worry, the open Windows will be retrieved.

A new page will open or, If you do not open, Here we will show you how to open it. Don't worry, the procedure is the same for both, except that at first you do not need to open any Windows.

Click the menu Tools > Adblock Plus. Now, Click Filters and Add Filter subscription. Select EasyList (English), that is the most efficient of all filter, and click Add subscription.

removendo propaganda sites 3

Now just click on OK and navigate. See below some examples.


removendo propaganda sites 4


removendo propaganda sites 5

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