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invisivel gtalkThe integrated chat to Gmail has features that the customer GTalk does not, and vice versa. One of the advantages that the functionality built into the webmail provides is the ability of its users to remain invisible to the contacts. The version desktop GTalk não oferece essa comodidade, but allows one to display which songs are being played on the audio player, além de poder alertar sobre a chegada de novas messages e funcionar independentemente do browser.

O Google tem ainda dois other recursos de bate-papo. One of them is the Google Talk Gadget, a web application in Flash, and the other is the GTalk Labs Edition. This trial version is an email client such as GTalk, but with some differentiated features. The application brings the invisible status setting option, separates the tabbed conversations, ensures access to other Google services, as the schedule, Gmail and Orkut, and allows disabling alerts for an hour, which can be useful when performing an important task when you don't want to have attention diverted from work.

But the GTalk Labs Edition brings no other conventional GTalk settings, as more detailed definition of the alerts and the use of different appearances. The output is to choose the option according to the need. É possível até usar mais de uma tool at the same time, but you need to know to manage well the resources. If you are invisible in Gmail integrated chat and sign in to GTalk conventional, for example, instantly you will be visible to your contacts.

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