What is the difference between modes “Disable”, “Hibernate” and “Waiting” in Windows?

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opcoes desligar computadorAs its name suggests, the standby modes, hibernation and deactivation (or shutdown) the Windows  descrevem diversos níveis ou estados de inatividade que um computer pode assumir, According to preferences or use of your user profile.

As you all already know, the boot process of a PC (also known as boot) with Windows is a monotonous medium procedure that can take a few tens of seconds, or even minutes to complete (Depending on the version of the operating system and system configuration). This process can last an eternity or, even, become a torment for those who need to connect their PCs to access important information, Unable to wait any tens of seconds. And went to minimize these situations that were created the Hibernate and standby modes, that put the PC into a State of "light sleeper" or "deep sleep". The difference — just like in real life — lies in the sleeper alert level and the time it will take to get back on your feet and ready for work.

And how it works? This can vary from system to system but, de um modo General, in standby mode the operating system shuts down some components of the system — such as the video interface, monitor e o disco rígido — mantendo apenas sua memória RAM ligada a todos os dados do sistema, which may include active programs and open files. And time to rewire the system, simply reactivate the disabled peripherals, the system back up and running in a few seconds. The major drawback of this technique is that it does not cease to consume energy ,What can be risky, particularly, us computers portables. That's because many people may forget that they put their PCs in the standby mode and, the next day, they discover that the battery is mortinha along with the rest of the PC.

Already in Hibernate mode, the procedure is similar to the standby, only the contents of the RAM is downloaded on your hard disk and then also is disabled, which further reduces energy consumption. The disadvantage, in this case, is that the return process can take a little more time than standby mode but is, for sure, much shorter than having to cycle the computer.

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