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indice experiencia windowsSince the Windows Vista, a Microsoft incluiu no seu painel de controle uma ferramenta de avaliação de performance the computer batizado de Indice de Experiência do Windows  que, After run, Returns a numeric value of 1 until 5,9 in Windows Vista or even 7,9 in Windows 7. Until there all right, But what that number really tells us?

For anyone who has not yet been submitted, sign in to control panel, and then click the system icon. There you will see some information about your PC, as the operating system version, marca e tipo do processor, amount of memory, etc. There will also be a number within a blue comic, the experience index. For more details, just click in the caption to the right of that number.

According to Microsoft this score was created to guide the user on the types of applications (or usage profile) which best fit the PC performance evaluated. For example:

If the PC scored somewhere around 1 or 2 points, ele seria mais indicado para tarefas simples como elaborar documents com o processador de textos ou navegar na Internet.

To get a full experience of using Windows 7 — including its visual effects and transparencies (Aero Glass) — the system should crash, at least, 3 points.

For those who wish to work intensively with graphics applications and/or media, Ideally the user rely on a system that can obtain, at least, 4 points or more.

As far as I can understand the idea is that, over time, software developers will adopt this scale in place of the current minimum hardware requirements, (such processor with many GB of memory, etc.). Like this, facilitate consumer life, aware of the score of your PC, know with more certainty if that program or game that is winking at him there in the store runs well or not, According to their minimum requirements of performance expressed also in points.

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