Write error on the CD/DVD: What to do?

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gravador cd dvdIf descartarmos factors means obvious as faulty hardware, low quality media, or even the combination of the two, write errors on CD-Rs or DVD-Rs can be related to an imbalance between the rate at which the data in the media burner registers its capacity and that the PC must provide such information.

For those who don't know, the process of recording an optical media is done almost in a storming only, with the laser beam by selecting the data trails in a constant process, initerrupto continuous from start to the end of the process. This causes the PC must be prepared to process and transmit this data also write consistently and continuously or else an error occurs due to a lack of data recording. If we make an analogy with the real world, imagine that you are controlling a fire in your grill with a hose. If the water comes directly from street plumbing and any break in the supply, the fire can take care of the situation and all may end up in smoke.

And the same can happen in the world of PCs, especially among those who love to do several things at the same time. For example, digamos que o usuário esteja gravando um DVD ao mesmo tempo que ouve music, Browse the network and downloads a relatively large file from the internet. At the end of this latter process, the anti-virus system can automatically take action to verify that the downloaded file is safe, o que pode gerar uma repentina sobrecarga no processor e provocar uma parada temporária dos other programas abertos (including burning DVDs) causing the recorder, literally, Miss the skein wire, stopping the recording and generating an error.

To ameliorate this problem both today's recording software and hardware typically have media "buffers" of data — intermediate data storage areas that compensate for any disruption. These buffers serve as a kind of "caixa d ' água" linked in house plumbing, What ensures a constant supply of water regardless of the amount that comes from the street. However, If this amount is equal to nothing, There does not have to hang reservoir.

A good tip to minimize these problems would be to divide the process of burning a CD/DVD in two steps. First: Instead of using programs like Nero Burning ROM, Infra Recorder or CDBurner XP to write its data directly on a physical media, use them to create an image file of CD/DVD, preferably in ISO format (.iso). Isso elimina o problema do gravador parar por falta de dados e oferece a vantagem adicional do usuário poder manter uma cópia de segurança do CD/DVD no seu computer para uso posterior.


Second: With the ISO file created, the user can use the program itself that generated the same to burn that image on an optical disc. For those who prefer a more dedicated solution, a good suggestion is the ImgBurn one freeware utility which can be found on the website


Outside this, some additional care may be taken as for example, fechar todos os programas ativos e não usar o PC enquanto a mídia estiver sendo gravada e como medida adicional de segurança optar por gravar a mídia numa velocidade menor do que a especificada pelo manufacturer, for example selecting 4 x instead of 8 x for DVD-R or 16 x/32 x/52 x instead of 48 x on CD-R.

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