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barra de status bloco de notasSe você usa o Bloco de Notas e migrou para o Windows 7 You may have noticed that the status bar of the application simply disappeared. In fact, still shows the option in the view menu, but recursion is disabled. Most people don't use the status bar, but some professionals need to quickly get information about what they are producing – is it possible to know how many lines were written and the number of characters that contains every one of them.

To enable the feature in Windows 7 It is necessary to edit the system registry. Para evitar problems, make a backup of the Registry before the change. Type regedit in the search field menu Start and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftNotepad. In the right pane, Locate the key StatusBar, clique nela com o botão direito do mouse e altere o número do campo Value data of 0 for 1. Click OK to finish and close the Registry Editor. Ready. If you open the Notepad you will see that the status bar is already enabled.


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