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Inform the user and password to gain access to an account on computer It is a good alternative to maintain the Privacy your files and settings from unauthorized users. But what about using the webcam to authenticate to the Windows? And that this does not need to enter any information, just leave your face visible to be recognized by access control? Through a program that implements one of its modes of biometrics is possible. In this column, I shall be presenting the Luxand Blink!, What is a facial recognition program for the Windows operating system. Your Installer can be obtained by clicking here.

After your installation, run the Luxand Blink!. The first step is to define the webcam which will be used in the authentication process. To do this, Click the option Camera. It is possible that Windows displays an alert asking for the authorization for the program to make changes to your computer. Click Yes and wait until you receive a list with the available cameras. Although the Luxand Blink! has recognized the camera that is installed on your PC, It doesn't get automatically set to capture device. Locate the option for the model of your webcam and click Apply.

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You will need to register an image of the face corresponding to the user account created on Windows. For the program to store your image, Let your webcam positioned as you are accustomed to using it. Click Remember to perform the task of capturing his face. Click Next and wait for the instructions of the program.

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Try to get in a position where your face is fully visible on webcam. Image capture takes a few seconds. Although the program has the purpose of dismissing the entering username and password, still, During registration of your image, your password on Windows should be informed.

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This binds the image with a certain user is already registered in the operating system. Also serves as a contingency if facial reading failure. In this case, simply enter the login data. An additional feature of Luxand Blink! is the generation of a history of authentications with image capture who authenticated or tried to authenticate to the system, along with the image are also displayed the date and the time that the computer was accessed.

Because of the historic generation, the system is able to realize small variations in user's visual, being able to realize changes such as beard, sunglasses. It is a practical and efficient alternative for home users, There are other biometrics solutions, as the digital ID, vascular, IRIS. Of course that when more sophisticated for a technology chosen, the higher your cost.

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