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FileHippo Update CheckerMuitos programs instalados no seu computer? You don't have the time or patience to check one by one for version upgrade? Use the FileHippo Update Checker, a super lightweight program that does this job for you.

With the FileHippo Update Checker find out what the latest versions of the programs installed on PC It is very easy. Once installed, the program, that is unique to Windows and runs on all versions, including the 7, creates a small icon on the taskbar and do a scan to find out which programs installed on the machine have a newer version.

After checking the FileHippo Update Checker presents um relatório com os programas que possuem uma versão mais recente e ainda disponibiliza o link para o download straight. Moreover, the FileHippo Update Checker shows you which programs have installed beta version, ideal for those who like to venture in the end not versions.

Enjoy the tip andDownload FileHippo Update Checker.Don't miss any update and be the first to test programs in beta.

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