How to make Firefox more lightweight and fast

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mozilla firefoxEven being a fan of Firefox since time immemorial, you walk irritated by the browser to load what lies beyond words?, and begins to think seriously about migrating from time to Chrome? Calm. It is not to much. The Mozilla browser still has a lot to offer. Just take a Fox shock on her speed. Here's how.

Like much of Firefox. But, Let's face the facts, There are days when it drags on. The blame is not (only) Mozilla staff. We also. Ninguém resiste a tentação de instalar montes de extensões e pouca gente perde tempo configurando as opções mais avançadas do browser. Going forward, some advice to change it.

Diet of plug-ins
Nor should start speaking the obvious, but, the first passo para aliviar o Firefox é reduzir o número de add-ons ao máximo que conseguir. There are three paths to practice detachment on extensions.

First, Uninstall besteirinhas.

Second, Disable plugins little used (Tools-Add-ons-Disable).

Third, create different user profiles. You can create a profile with all disabled, with a Firefox redux, and another profile with all the extensions you are entitled. It's just close Firefox, and call the browser through the Run, do Menu Iniciar do Windows. Enter firefox.exe-ProfileManager. The Profile Manager will appear and you can create a new user.

Another possibility is to use the Firefox Portable that, According to an urban legend, runs faster than the normal Firefox.

Fine adjustments
Typing "about:config "in the address bar, You'll find a whole new world of configuration options for Firefox. To begin, change item network.http.pipelining.

Type about:config and search for network.http.pipelining. Then, change the status of the item to True. After, Search by network pipelining network.http.pipelining.maxrequests. http., Open the item, and then change its value to 30. Return to network.http.pipelining and make its value to False.

THE next passo é mexer no network.dns.disableIPv6. Find it and change its value to false. Do the reverse process with the item plugin.expose_full_path.

Now, search for
Click with the right button on it and choose new option – Integer. In the dialog box that appears, Enter nglayout.initialpaint.delay and, then, Learn how to value the number zero.

By repeating this process, create another whole number with name and enter content.notify.backoffcount 5 as value. To terminate, create another parameter, with the name UI.submenudelay and zero as a value. Just restart Firefox to check the results.

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