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Fotos no iPhoneVeja como transferir algumas ou todas as fotografias armazenadas no seu PC para o smartphone

Embora seja possível copiar e apagar imagens do iPhone pelo Windows Explorer no computer, It is not allowed to transfer photos from PC to player by this method. To do the reverse path must turn to another procedure.

Com o smartphone conectado ao computer, Open iTunes and click the iPhone indication that appears in the left pane, sob a área Dispositivos. Then, Open the tab Photos. You can synchronize all pictures stored in my pictures folder (Pictures in Windows Vista) or select another folder that commonly use to gather the photos.

If you want to sync all my pictures or images of selected folder check All photos. Otherwise, Select the item Selected Folders and choose those you want to transfer to your player.

Images are stored in the folder Iphoto Library – and also appear in separate directories with the same name of the folders that were grouped in PC.

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