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Without fuss, the staff of YouTube has been testing the publishing feature of 3D movies since last year. O esquema works com o upload de um único vídeo que ganha versões para ser visto em três dimensões por meio de várias técnicas — desde os velhos óculos coloridos até os sistemas mais atuais. To embark on this, basta usar alguns programs e duas webcams. They must be the same or have the same focal length, for simulating the eyes of the spectator. In the following tutorial, confira how to capture, assemble and send the video to YouTube, in the standard required to be viewed in 3D. You will need the following programs: WebcamXP, K-Lite Codec Pack, AVISynth, the VirtualDub and the HeavyMath Cam 3D.

1. Double recording
For the recordings, the INFOLAB used two common cameras, Clone brand (model 10028). With both aligned, You will write two videos. For both, You will need the help of WebcamXP, It has support for dealing with two webcams. In program, right-click the squares in Source Selection, choose PCI/USB WDM Driver and, on the menu that appears, Select the hardware. Repeat the procedure on another square, com a outra webcam. After, to write, visit Security > Digital Video Recording. Select the two webcams in Enabled Sources and click Activate to start recording. The files AVI resultantes estarão na pasta DVR do WebcamXP.

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