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ATTENTION: Click here to participate in the promotion Tim Beta – Easter Raffle.

For those who still don't know, TIM BETA is the name of the new promotion of TIM, which is available since August 2010, but only for individuals that participate in the promotion “Your ear is a chip”. Os benefícios desta promoção são muitos, among them: R$0,10 the first minute of the day, R$0,10 o primeiro SMS do dia e R$0,10 the first < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = ' Pal1909645914hw. hwPlajq ("MMS"); return false; "style =" cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px; "onmouseover = ' Pal1909645914hw. hwShow (event, this," MMS "); =" hand "; =" underline "; =" solid "; ' onmouseout = '. Pal1909645914hw hideMaybe (this," MMS "); =" hand "; =" underline "; =" 1px dotted "oncontextmenu ="; return false; "> MMS day . Remembering that this is true only for TIM TIM. And Furthermore, You can also access MSN, Orkut, Twitter and Facebook without paying a penny (read the regulation by clicking here).

How To Participate

To participate you must be a user of social networking Orkut or Facebook. Click the link below for the social network you use (about her name).

orkut   Or   facebook

You must add the Application After clicking one of the links above. Just click on Add or Go to the application. We will explain how to use on Orkut, Although Facebook is similar.

To access the application, and then click Take the quiz or click the tab Game. The game is simple, You'll see some sound boxes and balls that pass through this wire. A sound will be issued and you should identify what color the ball exits the box same frequency of sound (slower, average or faster). Click the corresponding sound.

Obs.: The rules described above are the same informed in the application. So as not to injure the rights of TIM Brazil (Group Telecom Italia) We will not disclose any alternative methods for the test is bypassed or easily deciphered.

If you pass the test, the application will request a brief registration; do it.

seu ouvido vale um chip 1

Once this is done you will be redirected to the aba Challenge your friends. Below you will see the name and photo of each of your friends. It's a bit nasty, but you must click Invite below the name of each one of them. This will ensure that you actually asked that person to participate in the game.

seu ouvido vale um chip 2

Ready, your friends are invited. Now, for you to win your chip, must accompany your invitations. If at least 8 pessoas convidadas participarem do jogo e fizerem o teste você ganhará free of charge o seu chip. Therefore, invite your friends to add the application and take the test as soon as possible!

To accompany the invitations just open the flap Challenge your friends and keep an eye on the meter.

After a few days you'll be getting your Chip, ready to be registered and used.

carta seu ouvido vale um chip

Remembering that this comes with US $ 4,71 bonus for TIM TIM and link to R$2,00 to use as you wish. The promotion is only valid until the beginning of March 2011. Hurry and take advantage!

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