How to play a song on your Orkut profile

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May seem complicated, but it is very simple. To help you(the) ainda mais criamos um System que fará a parte mais pesada por você. Enjoy!

Buscando uma music

THE first passo é encontrar a music desejada. To do this Click here , and then type the name of the song. To find her, clique sobre o nome dela para ter acesso a página de download e preview.

musica perfil orkut 4

If the correct music copy the link it (or URL, What is there in the address bar, at the top of the screen). Now, Click here and paste the copied address. Click Get code.

musica perfil orkut 5

In a few seconds the system will give you a code ready to be copied.

musica perfil orkut 6

Select it and copy it.

Inserting on Orkut

Now that you have the code just enter in Orkut profile. To do this, Open your orkut and click Profile.

musica perfil orkut 1

In part About [your name] Click the text to edit it. Click HTML.

musica perfil orkut 2

Go to the last line, After the last character, and paste the copied code previously.

musica perfil orkut 3

Done it, Click Save. Now, Everytime your profile opens the music plays. :D

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