8 Tips for taking photos like a pro

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Want to know how to shoot well and make the most of the capabilities of a digital picture frame? Check out our Tips!

1 – Physical preparation

It may seem but the physical staging myth is essential when it comes to photographing. Both light and heavy machines require a certain preparation. No use nothing have a camera light as a feather if his hand is trembling all the time. If the equipment is heavy with certainty his arms if quickly cansarão. So eat well is the first step.

camera digital profissional2- Equipment

Nowadays it is very common to use lightweight equipment to photograph. However this is not always the best. Taking photo is different from taking a good photo. It is obvious that if you want to shoot with focus effects, face adjustment and other will have to invest heavily. If you're an amateur photographer prefers light cameras, portables, but it has a good processor a recognized image and lens. Forget the giant LCD screens. Often they are a trap.

3- Lighting

estudio fotograficoOften the environment is very well lit. This is good, Since her photo will be captured with more sharpening. But what when the environment is dimly lit, What to do? Well, the first step is to flash. Activate it and use the features of your camera improvement snapshot. If necessary use reflectors to improve ambient light. Remembering that the best in the market are in LED, they consume little power and illuminate much more. On the other hand are much more expensive.

imagem desfocada4- Focus

Blurred image is focus problem. Most cameras have automatic adjustment of focus. However you need to press the Capture button lightly so that it fit. Don't forget that. Before tightening once to shoot try squeezing of light and wait for the focus adjustment. If the adjustment is manual give emphasis on what is in the foreground. The Fund (out of focus) will be blurred. Don't worry, This is normal. For photographs of near (less than 50 cm away) use the Macro mode to blur not.

5- Framing

fotografia caitlin worthingtonSome cameras offer feature of “tabular” the screen, showing you the most important points of photography. Prefer always the Center foreground and highlight everything that matters to the photo. If your intent is to show the background with highlighted take a picture a little hand. This will be interesting.

foto vertical6- Picture vertically

If your image contains more vertical size rotate your camera. Don't be afraid to take a picture so. After, If necessary, load the image in computer and modify to your liking.

7- Color

cor floresA picture says a thousand words. A colourful image says more than a thousand pictures badly stained. Use and abuse of the colors. Remember that contrast does not mean color. What happens often is rising-if too much contrast to disguise the color correction. There are specific settings for colors. Look for them in your camera and editing software.

imagem zoom8- Zoom

Optical Zoom or digital zoom? Prefer the optical. Na hora de fotografar ele fará toda a difference. Never abuse the zoom. Use to get the foreground the long or short distances.

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