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The hiring of professionals to work with social media has become a challenge for businesses. As this is a new profession, There are few parameters in which recruiters can substantiate. In a recent post, Chris Kleff set nine different criteria to evaluate a social media expert. This post has been translated and published on the blog chmkt, are they:

1. Google: the specialist must have a dominant presence on Google. Looking for your name, You should find several results of the most relevant sites.

2. 2010 Followers: He must have more than 2010 seguidores no Twitter. Below that, any script or spammer can have 2000 followers.

3. 100+ Lists: lists are a vote of confidence and credibility. This person should have been listed for more than 100 people on Twitter.

4. Score of 30+ the Klout: This is a system that pinpoints the presence, engagement and influence of people on Facebook and Twitter.

profissional TI5. 1000+ friends on FB: This person should have a wide networking, principalmente de other especialistas.

6. 500+ connections on LinkedIn: The person must have a significant presence on that network and connect with important people in the market. In addition, more than 10 recommendations would be the minimum for it to be considered an expert.

7. FB page with 250+ Fans/Likes: The expert should have a page on FB where he discloses his work, cases or articles.

8. Active Blog and with active comments: The specialist must have a blog and update it constantly. In addition, This blog should have regular readers who participate and discuss the issues raised by him.

9. Profiles: This person should be interested in what is new in social networks. In addition to the known networks, He must have profile in the main emerging networks also.

Time to hire someone, companies must be mindful of these criteria, However, in my vision, they are secondary. I invited 5 referências na área para falar sobre as competências necessárias em um Professional de social media e o que as empresas devem observar na hora de efetivar uma pessoa ou contratar um consultor:

10.André Telles, CEO of digital marketing agency specializing in; Digital Minds.

I believe that the best Pro to work with social media is what has a background in communication; is public relations, Advertising or Journalism, porém conheça de comunicação de um modo General. A specialization in Marketing or Digital Marketing is always welcome. Knowledge of other disciplines such as psychology, Sociology and anthropology are very important. Emotional intelligence also counts a lot in this professional's universe, they often must manage crisis“.

11.Alexandre Inagaki, consultant in projects of social media and content production.

"Can I talk about some things that I take into consideration when hiring someone for a job in social media:”

"the) I am not my email address. I ask that those interested in working with social media to search in Google for my name and find my contacts. After All, Pro-activity is essential requirement for anyone working in the area. If the person doesn't know how to tweak even the basics on the network, It's not ready yet to be a professional social media ".

"(b)) I don't care to receive CVs in PDF or Word. If the Professional is social media, certainly must have profile on LinkedIn. If you don't have, oras, How can you autointitular social media professional? In addition, must have all its aggregator sites like Twitter profiles, Facebook and Tumblr, that may be the MeAdiciona, the Flavors or the Google Profiles, so I can analyze the online presence of the candidate ".

"(c)) From the reference URLs, analyze everything that person often post on their profiles, in order to assess its cultural baggage, its ability to produce quality content and to adapt their language according to the peculiar characteristics of each social media. Also check which is the network of contacts that she has. More than quantity, that can be easily manipulated through scripts and the acquisition of bases of followers, see what are the contacts it has in common with me, the recommendations left in your LinkedIn and links to his personal blog, citing three examples of Czech information. After All, in modern times the six degrees of separation are three. The present world is a quail egg zipped, and it's easy to see several people who worked previously with someone, in order to get referrals either positive or negative about a particular professional ".

social12.Edney Souza, founding partner of the Agency Polvora.

“Pra simplificar vou dar duas Tips sobre contratação em mídias sociais:””1) In the case of companies, refer to the manual of APADI competition he has several tips for care to be taken in the whole process of selecting suppliers of communication:””2) In the case of professionals/freelancers, hire someone with experience, It doesn't have to be specifically for your sector, ask him to talk about a case in which worked, explain what was his job, because considers this case a success and what he could do for your company. "

13.Nino Carvalho, digital media strategy manager of InPress Porter Novelli.

"I believe that the most important thing is to ensure that the contractor has solid experience in communications and marketing and, as a second key feature, Learn to apply this knowledge and the concepts of the two areas in the digital environment.
The internet is a communication tool, relationship, branding and marketing, in a manner that will not work if the Organization to hire someone who is "internet". That's right. Focus on someone (consultant, Agency, Professional) you know very well the basics of communication and apply efficiently in the online world. "

14.Martha Gabriel, digital marketing consultant and social media.

"I believe that there are two main factors to be considered at the time to hire a consultant in any area, and I think that also applies to social media consultants. The first factor is the consultant's training – he has background related to the area? In the case of social media, Depending on the purpose of the consultancy (strategy, crisis management, etc.), trainings in marketing, communication, PP, RP, YOU, and other related areas are quite interesting for a consultant. The multidisciplinary training promotes further his/her profile, because social media involve since marketing strategies, through communication and their specific areas, e utilizando technology constantemente. The second factor to consider is the experience of the consultant, not only in social media, but his previous experience in marketing projects. To give someone advice on anything, needs to have experience in this area. "

Is a tip for those who want to work in the area or want to hire a professional. In addition to relying on numbers of followers and connections on the network, should companies is based on consistent information, revealing the candidate's competencies.

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