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Until version 2007, who produced a presentation and wanted to turn it into a video had necessarily to resort to another program to do the conversion or transform the slides in a video sequence. Microsoft must have realized that this need was more common than imagined until then and decided to integrate a conversion tool in the presentation generator. With a few clicks, o novo PowerPoint transforma em arquivos Windows Media Video as apresentações em PPT. Like this, can be played by practically all video players on your PC. See how to proceed.

1 – Start the process

ppt video 1

Once your submission is complete, including even transition effects, animations and narrations, trigger File > Save and Send > Create Video. PowerPoint displays the options for creating video in the right hand window pane. Click the option Monitores de Computer e HD.

2 – Choose the size

ppt video 2

PowerPoint displays three choices of size and quality, According to the destination of the video. Se você pretende distribui-lo para visualização em computers, leave at default setting, that is Computer monitors and HD. This option, PowerPoint produces high quality videos (960 x 720) que não vão fazer feio na hora de rodar em uma tela de projeção ou em um monitor de alta definição. The other options are suitable for sending to the web or writing in a standard DVD (size medium-resolution of 640 x 480) and portable devices (small videos, with a resolution of 320 x 240).x

3 – Narrations and times

By default, PowerPoint uses the narrations and times recorded on slides in the production of videos. I.e., the conversion will respect the time of slides when it was set. If you recorded the times, keep the default setting (Use Narrations and Recorded Times). Otherwise, Select Nowill Use Narratives and Recorded Times. With this setting, PowerPoint will use the time to 5 seconds to view each slide. If you want to change this exposure time, use the control on Seconds spent on each Slide.

4 – Video creation

Set the format and use of narrations and timings, Click Create Video. Then, Choose a name and a location to store the generated file. The time it takes to produce the PowerPoint file depends on the contents. Heavy files, with many audio features, animations and effects, are more time consuming. The advantage is that the recording is done in the background. I.e., você pode continuar usando o PowerPoint normalmente para produzir ou editar other files. The status bar shows the evolution at work video generation.

5 – Distribution

ppt video 3

The video generated can be run on most video playback programs, among them the Windows Media Player which integrates Windows. The file can also be sent by email, burned onto a DVD for playback on DVD players or uploaded to video sharing sites, as YouTube and Vimeo.

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