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Vale a pena codificar seus videos no formato mais enxuto possível para fugir da demora nos uploads no YouTube. The ideal is to use the MPEG4 standards or h. 264, que trazem boa quality e uma taxa razoável de compressão. For this conversion, use the Handbrake. Depois de rodar o program, Open the desired file, clicking Source > Video File. In the section Presets, Select the item Apple > Universal. The check box Anamorphic, choose None to avoid deformations. Now, go to guide Video. For maximum quality, Select Avg Bitrate in Quality and type 2000. Click in 2-pass Encoding. On the tab Audio, Click AAC and swap for MixDown Stereo Samplerate and for 44.1 Khz. Click the second item (If there is) and press Removes. Finally, Press the button Browse, name the file end, Click Add To Queue and, After, in Encode.

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