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Sometimes we want to show a picture much more than fits in a single click. Even don't realize grandeangulares lenses cover wide open spaces, leading our gaze far. The photographer Luciano Correa used to do clicks during the practice of adventure sports, in climbing of mountains and volcanoes, but discovered on panoramic images a new job. About three years ago, He is dedicated to create virtual tours for hotels, guesthouses and even homes for sale and opened the company Panoramic. Already produced about 1 000 images, almost 600 of them published on Google Earth. The tours are an advanced mode of panoramic photos and should give the viewer the sense of immersion in the local. Correa maintains a blog, with Tips e o making-of de alguns de seus trabalhos recentes

The expert step-by-step


There are several types of panoramic photos. The simplest are the flat, made from the Union of four or five images, a single plan. The panoramic views of 360 degrees are also on a plan and allow you navigate horizontally to have a complete view of the environment. More complex, the spherical panoramic function as virtual tours and give the viewer the feeling of being on site, with a three-dimensional vision.

Some cameras have more panoramic quality functions. It is not difficult to create a flat panoramic photo, but it is necessary to follow some recommendations. To make a horizontal overview, use the camera in a vertical position (in portrait mode), to increase the height of the image you are capturing. Then imagine an axis in the middle of the camera. It is you who must rotate the body, instead of running the machine. The ideal is to use a tripod. If you do not have a, Try keeping the height constant arms.


Attach the focus and prefer manual mode. After the first click, You must register a little piece of you've ever photographed in every picture following, overlapping part of the clicked scene before on the side of the next image. Like this, the software that you will use to join them will have a safety margin for the overlay and reference points to paste photos. The images that go beyond the 1 000 megapixels (1 gigapixel) are called gigapan. For the pictures of 360 degrees flat, How to make is the same and the use of the tripod is important.

After assembling the picture, You can show it to friends using sites such as 360 Cities, It also displays the panoramas in Google Earth and YouTube and still creates codes (embeds) to insert the images in blogs. After All, quem faz uma foto panorâmica sempre quer mostrar aos other. Para levar seus tours virtuais para a web é preciso transform as fotos em arquivos em Flash. Há também um application for iPhone, the Tour Wrist, that allows you to create panoramas from the smartphone or view the photos made by others.


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Programs such as Panorama Maker are paid, but usually follow the cameras. With him, the user selects the images and format. To facilitate, the software itself identifies the reference points for mounting. Then just cut the final photo. A free option is the Microsoft Photosynth.

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