Out of space? Remove emails with attachments

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O Gmail tem space de sobra, but who return many photos, songs, vídeos e other documents extensos pode um dia precisar desocupar a área. The fastest way to do this is to eliminate heavy attachments. Mas já imaginou ter de vasculhar toda a correspondência em busca das messages que contenham files incorporados? The trick is to use a marker and the filter system to check for messages of type automatically. To create a new bookmark, Click Bookmark > Manage Bookmarks just above the list of messages. In the field Create New Bookmark, type the desired name (With attachments, for example) and click Create.

Now, It's time to create the rule. Select a message that contains an attachment, and then click More Actions and select Filter Messages Like This. In the window to the filter creation, Select the option With Annex and leave blank fields that could establish other criteria. Click Next Step. In the next window, You must set the action. Select Apply the marker and, the check box that is next to, Choose the bookmark created previously. Click Create Filter. Done it, whenever you want to list all messages with attachment, just click on that marker in the left pane of the Gmail. There, just select the messages that will be deleted to free up space.

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