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The notebooks are no longer as they have been in the past. To our luck, This statement is more appropriate. With the passage of time, These hand-held won power, com processadores dignos de deixar o desktop no chinelo, lost weight, improved video capability and are spreading by Brazilian homes, Since your price, Fortunately, also became more accessible.


Para escolher um notebook, as with any product (technological or not), the most important thing is that the consumer knows what your need. If what you want is a notebook to do the basics: Surf the internet, use simple applications, as Microsoft Office, Save your photos, music etc. If the need is greatest: How to run heavier programs, How to AutoCAD, Photoshop, etc. If it is suited for entertainment: Watch videos in high definition with the laptop connected to the TV, play Blu-ray, games and sound quality.

The fairest way to split is by price notebooks. In this way, We can indicate what's best and worst, highlighting the points which we consider essential in each category.

Until 1.500 REM

This price range is the category with the largest number of representatives. To begin, in it the user finds the Notebooks and Netbooks. As? Yes, are considered netbooks laptops with screens of less than 12 inches. Another peculiarity of the netbooks is the lack of an optical drive (Blu-ray or DVD), In addition to minor processing capacity, memory and storage.


Common on netbooks processors are the Atom, Intel's. But don't be fooled, the diversity of models and speeds generates a discomfort in the hour of choice. The most common among the models speed cheaper is 1,66 GHz (Atom N450), but can reach 2,3 GHz. GHzs ensures the execution of everyday tasks, How to surf the internet, run media (audio and video) and Office applications (as the Word).

If you are looking for your first computer, or replace your old master computer, netbooks may not be ideal. The lack of optical drive, small size of the screen and little storage capacity will be frustrating.

But, for those who want a second or third machine, the netbook is an interesting idea. Most have in-house weight 1 kg, What makes it quite convenient to load into a backpack or purse. For those who are always on the move and need to check emails, Enter and edit documents, small ideas are.

Those interested should keep an eye on new Atom family processors with two cores, whose the D525 is the first to show up here, with 1,8 GHz.

The traditional

In this category, covering the notebooks with screen above 12 inches, find old acquaintances: Celeron, Athlon and Pentium Dual Core, most with speeds above 1,8 GHz. These processors, both Intel and AMD (Athlon), are considered second-line, for those less demanding machines.

And really, If we compare the performance of these processors with the considered most top of the line, as Core i5 and i7 (Intel) or Phenom (AMD), they are far below the desired. After All, Nobody likes a computer lock. But, to the intense use, that encompasses surfing the internet, Watch videos, listen to music and still be open with Word, they are sufficient and will not cause eating disorders.

Most models with Windows is equipped with 2 GB of RAM and Windows 7 Home Basic. The HDs vary from 320 the 500 GB. If storage space is less than 320 GB, search for GBre before buying, because probably you will find a most interesting product at the same price.

To complete the picture that makes these inexpensive machines, they come with nothing powerful graphics chips, with shared memory, and serving to the basics. Se você pensa em rodar Games, definitely your price range is not.

Of 1.500 the 2.500 REM

The Core 2 Duo, processor that was once the top of Intel's line is the most basic representative today for this category, offering machines with fair prices and still accessible settings.

In this price range, for happiness of consumers, already found most representatives processing power, as the Core i3 and Core i5, Intel's, and the Phenom and Athlon X 2, from AMD.

In addition to more stable processors, at speeds above 2 GHz, This category also includes 3 g or more of system RAM. But, to cheapen the price of the product, they are often offered in versions 32 Windows bits. In this case, look for versions in 64 bits. In our tests the INFOlab, We note that the version in 64 bits works much better than that in 32 bits,bitsn Windows 7 supporting the 3 GB. If the machine has 4 GB or more, nothing will get the version 32 bit system, because she can't work with more than 3 GB.GB

Another option that the user should be aware of that category is the version of the operating system. Avoid machines with the Home Basic version of Windows 7, because it is limited and inconsistent with that price range.

Here, for the happiness of all, the default storage space must be the 500 GB. There is also equipment with HDs 320 GGB but see other options, as this amount is already below the expected for these values.

An important issue is to assess the investment. The user should question whether it is possible to invest in a machine with more memory, fast processor, internal space and multimedia resources, as a dedicated music keys and best graphics processors. The better the configuration, longer consumers will have a machine in line with the market.

Of 2.500 the 3.500 REM

HDMI Output, video cards or more powerful chips, processors with more force, more RAM and multimedia. This category would be the equivalent to complete cars, those who come with air conditioning, sunroof, hydraulic steering, automatic gearbox and engine 2.0, but, are not yet luxury sports or super expensive SUVs, as a Pajero (Mitsubishi) or a Captiva (Cevrolet).

In this category we notice the entry of more powerful engines, as the Core i7 and Phenom processors, that has 4 cores. The default is memory 4 GB on systems 64 bits. The Core i7 in this category are usually those of series 700. Common core speed is 1,6 GHz, but they can be found higher-speed models.

One of the big differentiators here is the screen size, that you can get at 17 inches, because the function of these notebooks, many times, is to replace a desktop. Because of this we also feature more powerful video cards like the GeForce 320 m, that has 256 MB of dedicated memory and share the rest with the memory of the machine. Here now you can play one or else satisfactorily, connect the notebook into a TV and play videos in full HD (1920 by 1080 pixels).

For computers above 3.500 REM, all the comfort expected and there are speed, including the Core i7 and Core i7 processors & rybalka. But it is worth remembering that in this case the designer labels also have very. The MacBooks (Apple) are a great example. Above machines 4 thousand reais, as the MacBook Pro, can be equipped with Core 2 Duo or Core i3. This category other factors come into play and, the main one, is the design.

Don't rush

Whatever your need or price range, keep in mind that search and browse reviews from other users, technical assistance and information networks is a task more than necessary.

Preferably, take a moment to evaluate the products in store. So you can observe physical details, as the durability of the material, format of keyboard, offered comfort and appearance.

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