5 important tips for those who want to create a Blog

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It's not a question of modinha. Today Blogs are increasingly professionals. Some, é claro, only display things futile, but return a large profit for their authors in addition courselaro, the popularity.

Dicas para criar um BlogAnd if you want to get out of time in this world to begin valuing your good old Portuguese writing, reading, fixing and learning here are some Tips important, that cannot be ignored by any blogger.

1- Name

As well as the content the name of the < a href = "#" rel = "nofollow" onclick = ' Pal2103418133hw. hwPlajq ("Blog"); return false; ' style = "cursor: hand; color: # 000066; text-decoration: underline; border-bottom: dotted 1px;" onmouseover = ' Pal2103418133hw. hwShow (event, this, "Blog"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "solid"; ' onmouseout = ' Pal2103418133hw. hideMaybe (this, "Blog"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "dotted" oncontextmenu = 1px; ' "return false;" > Blog will be key to creating your brand on the web . It is a bit confusing, even more so if you want to cover various subjects in a same place. in this case do not hesitate to ask for opinions to friends , seguidores no Twitter, colegas de trabalho e familiares. Procure conciliar o conteúdo do blog com o seu gosto.

2- URL

It may seem kind of obvious but there are still fully URLs “clueless”. The URL is the address of your blog, and it is through him that the visitors can access it. Anything want to invent a strange name, complex or even escape the context. Search for create something short, goal and that take the name of the blog along.

3- Content

Write about your day, your life, your relationships? Depends On. If your blog is related to this type of content, Yes. Otherwise, don't even think about transform the blog on a daily. This would make navigation very boring, In addition to escape totally from the context. The content, In addition to well written (orthographically) must be relevant, unique and flashy. Nada de fotos de mulheres nuas para chamar attention. Is simple, direct and conquer the audience in order to show that your service is provided in the best possible way.

4- Design

If you are starting now with a Blog, probably, don't know much about layouts. The layouts are the visible structure of the blog that will help (and very) to differentiate it from other. There are thousands of options available for Blogs. Be sure to search the respect and choose the one that best suits you. If possible, modify it or ask for any developer to create a layout based on your ideas. The important thing is to be innovative!

5- Optimization

It does not help anything to have an interesting content and an innovative design if you don't have a blog optimized, i.e., with dismal ranking in search engines and/or images extremely heavy. It is essential to study the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ensure that your blog is always on the first results of the most famous search engines. Desta forma a popularidade irá increase and, Consequently, also your ranking.

Extra Tip

grafico subindo6- Statistics

You Want To, in the future, provide strategic points of advertising in your blog? So don't forget to install a statistics plugin as soon as possible. Like this, When you assemble your Media Kit will have already trusted numbers to inform your advertisers.

Remember: blog is serious thing. You can be a success or a failure on the Internet. Everything will depend on your dedication.

Good luck to all! :)

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