Here's how to enable IPv6 on Windows XP

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ipv6If you still use the Windows XP on your machine already know: the IPv6 does not work. And if you don't know Click here and see right now. But it is not the end of the world. There is a simple and practical solution, that will ensure your connection to the internet in the coming months (or years).


To enable the IPv6 protocol, first, Open the menu Start > Run. Type cmd and press Enter to open the Command Prompt or famous MS-DOS.

ipv6 windows xp 1

Now, you will enter (and, then, will tighten Enter) each of the commands listed below:


You will see the following:

ipv6 windows xp 3

All done, agora o IPv6 já está instalado no seu computer. Remembering that, to turn it on, just go on Start Menu > Control Panel > Network connections e clicar com o botão direito do mouse sobre a Local area connection. Select Properties and select the option Microsoft TCP/IP version 6. Give OK.

ipv6 windows xp 4

Agora seu computer já está apto a receber o novo protocolo de endereços IP e, course, tem lugar garantido na rede mundial de computers. :D

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