Learn how to transform your Notebook into a WiFi router

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See this tip how to turn your notebook on a wireless router, to share the connection with other computers and even smartphones.


The first prerequisite is to have the operating system installed on the notebook Windows 7 (with the exception of starter version). Another super important factor is to have an integrated wireless card to micro. Nowadays it is very rare not to come with this device manufactures. Then, there with that worry.


notebook1You have a 3 g broadband plan and it would be interesting to share with other computers, tablets, smartphones inside your home, It's not even? Is there an advantage. Or if you don't have money to buy a router this tip will also be very useful.

Creating the connection

First we will need a program called Connectify (Click here to download), It will allocate the functions of a wireless router for your laptop. Install it on the machine.

Once installed will open a configuration wizard. Enter a name for the network (the default is Connectify me). It is important to define, also, an access password (with, at least, 8 characters). Then indicate whether the notebook receives the main connection via cable or wireless.

Once this is done your notebook is already being used as a router, i.e., It is an access point. And precisely for this reason there are two main network connections: one that receives the main connection to the internet and another that makes the distribution of this first.

How to connect

To connect another computer the network is very simple: the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen click once with the left button mouse and wait until you see a list of available wireless networks. If necessary, click the Refresh button. Then select the network created, type the password and click Connect.

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