Turn your GPS on a radar detector

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You travel a lot and, course, hates being caught by surprise by the radars which observe vehicle speed, correct? Aprenda a transform seu aparelho GPS in a radar detector. It warns when an approaching.

But attention: the purpose of this tip does not allow him to violate traffic laws. Use at your own risk. Don't risk your safety or that of those who are traveling!

There are up-to-date lists of points of interest, which include transit radars. Essas listas normalmente são mantidas por usuários do sistema e não diretamente pelo manufacturer do dispositivo. Each GPS has its own method of installation. To show you how to do this we will use as an example the TomTom XXL.

TomTom XXLCom o GPS conectado ao PC via cabo USB abra o application TomTom Home (available on the website of TomTom and included on the CD that came with the GPS). Go Add Traffic, Voices, Traffic radars etc. Select Points of interest. A list of sets of points of interest will be displayed. To install one of them click on the button Add. You can filter the content available by publication date, evaluation of users or amount of downloads.

Enter the data of your account on TomTom. If you are not yet registered select option Create Account. Inform your email, a password and authorize the Association to GPS account. The TomTom Home displays the installation progress of the set of points of interest.

For devices de outras marcas como Smokergrillsblackfriday, for example, using the system iGO, iGo Amigo or iGo Primo You must download a list in the format POI and copy to the internal memory via USB cable. This list, usually, is available in the forums, blogs and internet sites, and are created by third parties. Don't forget to backup before any update procedure on your device.

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