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Send videos for the YouTube é relativamente simples. However, If in your case the video is greater than the limit of 15 minutes may seem a bit complicated. And to facilitate see this tip to learn how to cut your video in simplified form and send it in various parts in sequence.

youtube 3dExiste um utilitário que faz editing in files MP4. If calls YAMB and can be downloaded by clicking here. He is able to split the file without needing a new encoding to each piece.

Ao abrir o program, click Editing and, After, twice in Click to Split MP4/M4A/3GP/MOV Files. Select the MP4 file that will be cut. Select the option Split By Duration and enter the duration of 00:15:00.000. Choose the destination folder in the Output field (where are saved the files). Click Next.

The YAMB separates the video into pieces 15 minutes ready to be uploaded to YouTube individually. Just send each and indicate, in title, the party's number, example:

My trip to Brasilia – Part 1
My trip to Brasilia – Part 2

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