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Movies in Blu-Ray, Nowadays, are a success (or not). But something that always leaves users with a certain agony is that, Unlike conventional disks DVD the Blu-Ray cannot be copied with a simple CTRL + (C) computer. Fortunately a solution to this was officially presented to the Tips in General by the American company Freemake, and we will display it just below.

THE Freemake Video Converter is a software created with the purpose of converting, write and edit virtually any multimedia content. Is one of the few who manages to reach the mark of more than 200 accepted file types and even download directly from more than 40 online video sites.

Two hours on the DVD? The software allows you to record up to 40 hours on a single disk. In addition it also converts the videos with subtitles embedded, so that you don't miss the translation of international films.

freemake video converter

Going back a little on the issue of Blu-Ray, the software even allows you to record and copy HD movies directly from the blue disk to the hard disk. And to facilitate this whole process is nothing better than the support technology CUDA, nVidia, that uses the video card processor's time to convert your videos.

After all this show you should be asking: how much does a software so? And I answer: nothing. This same, It is free. So worth downloading, test and prove. And don't forget: After downloading and installing send your comment with your opinions about the software, and if really it fulfills everything that promises.

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