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Fazer compras pela internet hoje é algo extremamente fácil. Although most shops have their physical establishment is much easier to ask online and wait for the product to arrive in the comfort of your home.

But when it comes to “track request”, how it looks? Well, the big retail stores offer this feature directly in your site/system. However there are shops and even vendors who sell products and send broadsides by mail. What you have is just a tracking code.

From code to trace obtained it is possible to receive an email for every change in the status of your request. See how easy it is to.

The service

The service being used is called Change Detection, i.e., Detecting Changes. Visit:

Basically, This online site allows you to monitor any Web page, and so this has something different you will receive an email notifying about. In addition he still allows you to see a history of changes to this page over time.


In order to use the service is very simple. First, Open the site. In Page Address type or paste the address of the tracking page, example:$.QueryList?P_LINGUA = 001&P_TIPO = 001&P_COD_UNI =[TRACKING CODE]. In Send alert to Enter your email address. Click Next.

Now, in Alert Name, type the name of the alert, for example: rastreio do meu computer new. The option Send alert up to once per allows you to choose the frequency at which the alerts will be sent. Day mean daily. Week, weekly. Month, monthly. RSS only lets you create a feed with information about the latest changes (ideal for developers who want to imbutir tracing directly from your online sales system).

You still have other options, as only warn if words have been added or removed, If the content do site for específico a um assunto, among other.

The last step is to enter a password on please enter your password. Like this, every time you want to monitor the history of modifications concerning your alert created can login to the system. Click Create.

Alert created, now just wait for the alerts and, course, that your product arrives at home as soon as possible :D Accessing the page every day and checking if something changed? Never more! ;)

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