Who got the better of him in the race of downloads: Firefox 4 or IE 9?

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firefoxexplorer In recent weeks, tivemos dois grandes releases em navegadores.

Microsoft launched its Internet Explorer 9, and Mozilla officially released Firefox 4. Cada browser teve milhões de downloads em seu dia inaugural. Firefox seems to have won the contest for the first day, but who better to examine the statistics will discover that maybe the battle has been far more arduous than the sensational headlines may suggest.

Microsoft reported that Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded 2,3 million times during the first 24 hours. Not bad. But, According to its developers, Firefox had until 10 milhões de downloads em seu dia de launch… Or nearly so.

Paper airplanes
Let's imagine that you are in a race to see how many planes can fold paper in an hour. It seems reasonable to count the planes that you began to bend, or you thought of bend-but that did not end when the time is over? Or, How about if we told every plane you doubled last week?

I imagine that, for a lot of people, It would seem unfair. It seems safe to say that only the planes to be counted in the contest would be those whose foldings began and end within the hour in question.

Like this, If we're measuring the number of downloads from a web browser in the early 24 hours of its launch, shouldn't we also count only the downloads that were started – and complete – during the period of 24 hours that begins with the time of the official launch of the browser?

Quoted in an article from the Inquirer, Mozilla says: "In The 24 hours in which Firefox 4 It was announced, It was downloaded 7,1 a million times; This number must be added to the more than 3 millions of people who were already running the Release Candidate that became our final version. "

Wait a minute. So Firefox has been downloaded 7,1 millions of times during the period of 24 hours, but Mozilla claims that the number should be raised to 10,1 million with the addition of RC downloads?

Well, This changes things.

Broken numbers
Microsoft does not have a break that separates the RC downloads of other beta versions, but IE9 had more than 40 millions of downloads before the day of release. There were three public betas, more Release Candidate. Dividing the average by four, We have 10 million.

Ok. Using the "new math" which is why we have the RC downloads beyond the actual count of 24 hours, imagine what might have been approximately 10 millions of downloads of IE9 Release Candidate, so let's take it into account. This means that the IE9 had 12,3 millions of downloads and exceeded 10,1 millions of Firefox.

Yes, I know my math is silly. But Mozilla is also. The fact is that 7,1 million already is more than 2,3 million, and would be impressive by itself. Why use of artifices and appeal to statistical tricks to make sure the number is higher than it already is? Maybe the Mozilla has a complex of self-esteem with Firefox 4 have stayed below the mark of 8 million set by Firefox 3 on his release day?

Another small thing to take into consideration: many browsers are Firefox automatic update, or at least notify the user that an update exists. If Internet Explorer 9 be installed automatically to update all browsers IE8, ou se a Microsoft o empurrasse automaticamente via Windows Update, first-day numbers would be very different.

Weighted balance
Finally, consider: Firefox is available for Windows. And Mac OS X. AND Linux. And even FreeBSD. Firefox is available primarily for 100% of PCs out there. The IE9 is only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista, so the potential Park is restricted to about one third of total PCs.

If you see the statistics of launch day through the lenses of the hearing available, You will have to divide the number of Firefox by three-or multiply the IE9 by three – to compare them with equal weights. In this optics, the 7,1 millions of Firefox become 2,36 million, What equates the two browsers.

A Microsoft spokesperson explained that "only 10% of 2,3 millions of downloads of IE9 RTW in the first 24 hours came from the current installed base, indicating that the majority of people who use another browser ".

The statements by the launch day yield good headlines, but let's check the numbers again in a few months to see how the two compare.

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