What is a Feed?

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What is a Feed?

I bet all the netizens ever heard someone talking about “Feed”; but you know what that?

“Web Feed (coming from the verb in English “feed”) is a data format used in forms of communication with frequently updated content, like sites (sites) of News ou blogs. Distributors of information, blogueiros ou canais de News disponibilizam um feed ao qual usuários podem se inscrever, in the form of a link. Other formatos de dado possíveis de serem comunicados por feeds são arquivos de áudio, podcasts and videos.”
(Source: Wikipedia).

But after all, What does it all mean? In A Nutshell, Let me explain:
Feed are all posts of a Blog/website so more objective – are usually texts with some images -. They are created to make life easier for those who like to see lots of news, the text is in a clean layout, usually no ads, menus (etc.). Another advantage is that you can Feed “Subscribe” in it, i.e., with each new post/news of a website you will receive an email notifying about the new posting.

To understand more, look at the Feed from our site: Click Here

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