Guaranteed recovery for any type of file from your PC

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 Master UneraserUneraser torna mais fácil a exclusão de files armazenado nas diferentes mídias. Complies with the function of advanced data recovery and can restore files and folders, recuperar documents retirados da lixeira, In addition to recover corrupted data.

Also include in the list of restore, hard disks, formatted disks, devices USB. There are advantages in trial of SoftAmbulance Uneraser, one of them is recoverable files displaying on the screen.

Advanced functions

recuperar discos, arquvios e pastasTHE SoftAmbulance Uneraser loads the option to undo the deletion of files. The intention is not to let user, do not miss important files when having the wrong time to delete data.

Corrupted files, inaccessible or damaged discs are perfectly recovered. Os desenvolvedores garantem que o sistema de recuperação do program é avançado o suficiente para restaurar arquivos mesmo que tenham sofrido danos suficientes para você ter perdido a esperança. The support includes ZIP and RAR files, audio and video files, images digitais e arquivos RAW, produced by digital SLR cameras.

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