Reset the Bios setup without opening the micro?

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Montando um computador id 191Reset the Bios setup without opening the micro(via software)

Today I will teach a pretty cool tip, This is for those who like to give that arranges in pc or need to somehow reset the bios SETUP(motherboard settings back to factory).

Many people have been caught in this situation where the person has to disassemble almost all hardware(componentes físicos do computer) the computer para dar um clear na bios. More after this tip,This will be a thing of the past.

Now you will be able to reset the SETUP of bios via Software.

What you'll need:

A Windows boot CD 98.

Now follow the tutorial.


Configure the SETUP to boot to the CD, If your card boot.

When you finish the boot will be presented the following parameter in MS-DOS. THE:>. Type the following commands below (Without quotes):

“debug” Then press enter

“the 70 2and” Then press enter

“the 71 ff” Then press enter

“q” Then press enter

Done it, restart the computer and see if the SETUP went back to their original settings.


Recalling that the whole procedure has to be followed with a lot of caution and without errors, otherwise, poderá acarretar em other danos ao seu computador.

Open the DOS command prompt and type ' debug ' and hit enter (always without quotes)

then type ' 70 2And ' and press enter (small letter o / tecle space / number seventy / Press space / both number and letter is uppercase, / enter).

type ' 71 FF ' and enter again

Finally press ' q ' and hit enter

Ready, If this command doesn't work, try this one:

“debug” (enter)

“the 70 17″ (enter)

“the 71 17″ (enter)

“q” (enter)


OBEY the order of uppercase and lowercase letters.BE CAREFUL NOT TO CHANGE THE LETTER O WITH THE NUMBER 0 (ZERO).

Walther Alves Almeida, 23 years, Informatics Technician, Student, passionate in computers and everything about IT in General. Normal person equal to any one and happy.

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