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What is Janetter?

logo marca da janetterJanetter is a program for desktop used to access and use the service of twitter that program on your desktop direct.

What are the benefits of using Janetter?
1. You can access more than one twitter account.
2. The program displays each update and notifications within their twitter accounts as: new twitter, new direct message, etc.. inside of your desktop on the right side near the clock.
3. The program comes with a very cool interface where the user can choose between several legal subjects or even customize with your photos from computer.

In addition to these various other advantage!

Here are some themes

amostra de temas

populares temas cute

How to install Janetter.

  1. Click HERE to download
  2. Click "Free Download"
  3. Download and install the program

How to include your accounts on Twitter.

entra no menu setting

  1. Enter the options menu (is on the side of the pencil
  2. indicated with the red arrow)
  3. Click "setting"
  4. Click on the "accounts"
  5. Then click "new account", Enter Twitter username and password
  6. Then click register and voila you have already added a new account.

How to put new columns

mudar as colunas

The Janetter Already comes as standard with 3 colunas main: home, mentions and DMs. To insert new columns, Click on one of the icons that are at the top, to the left.

How to send a tweet

mandar twitter

To send a twitter is very simple just click on a pencil-shaped icon that will open the box for you to type your twitter. Enter the tweet and click "send" or use Crtl enter in keyboard.

How to answer a tweet

To answer a twitter just follow the tweet as the same site and click on the arrow to reply, Click the arrow, and then type the answer.

How to respond to all

Pass the mouse about the tweet and click with the right mouse button and choose the option icon reply reply to everyone

How to send DM

mandar DM

Click on the avatar of the recipient, and then over the DM icon (envelope)

How to see your friends ' profile

Ver opções perfil

Click on the avatar (user image), that will open a window with all the profile information, including the date of account creation, number of tweets, followers and etc.

How to follow, unfollow or block

Click the recipient's avatar and click on follow, unfollow or block

How to use filter to stop receiving unwanted tweets

If you do not want to delete the contact the Janetter offers two options: mute, What is speechless, unwanted without having to give friend unfollow or block and a word filter and/or usernames. Click "settings" and look for mute and by NG Words. Type the word or the username and click "add". If you want to, Select Delete entries and messages.

The Janetter has many other qualities are just functions

go into settings and see all options, and see what if

fits better with you.

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