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Liberkey(1)Incredible package with hundreds of applications free you can take for every place on your pen drive!

Now yes, several programs extremely useful fit in your Pocket. Never again will you need to use one hand for computer that does not have the program installed. The LiberKey Ultimate brings more than 200 applications several utilities are installed directly on your pen drive.

The program is really complete. Upon initial installation it brings audio applications, as publishers and codecs, CD, as players and also rippers, file managers, image editors, browsers, download managers and FTP, Type "Office" applications, security programs, system utilities and video applications, as players, editors and other numerous tools.

The best of all

Some of the more than 200 LiberKey programs. All of these programs are 100% free and already come ready to be used. Convenience and quality meeting in one program!

The LiberKey Ultimate,When installed,also generates an executable file that has double function:When it is started, the program generates an icon in the notification area, and also checks for updates not only of LiberKey installed on it applications but also of. And the installation of updates is extremely simple and customizable.

If you don't have a pen drive and want to take advantage of the features of this program, It can also be installed on your computer. In this way, You will have in one application various programs for everyday use.

What's new in version 4.7

To further improve the user experience and make life easier for those who use the LiberKey Ultimate, the version 4.7 has a lot of buzz. The first difference noted is that developers have not left the time pass blank and bring the latest versions of all programs that were already in the package.

However, the greatest novelty lies on behalf of 17 new programs with which this version when compared to the version 4.5 previously available in the Internet *. New applications allow more comfort to the user and ensures the position of LiberKey Ultimate as one of the most complete options available today.

Below you give list of programs added in version 4.7:

Jooleem, On-screen Ruler, Everything, Ditto, KeePass Professional Edition
DestopOK, TreeDBNotes, Studioline Web, TextEd, Builder, DVDStyler, Poker TH
Neverball, USB Image Tool, NewFileTime, Trackballs, Pathological


Amidst the software options that come with the package of LiberKey Ultimate are programs for all tastes, able to perform a wide variety of functions. Hardly you will find some function that is not able to perform efficiently with at least one of the available softwares.

Among the available applications are the AIMP, a compact and lightweight video player, Audacity, uma das melhores opções para editar music de forma gratuita e o Paint.NET, an image editor similar to Photoshop's capabilities.

To complete the package you can still count on Firefox, one of the fastest browsers and world insurance, the text editor Notepad , the video player Media Player Classic and the VDownloader, that allows you to download movies from YouTube in a practical way and fast. This is just to mention a few of the more than 160 programs available.

And has more!

If the program that you want to use is not on the long list of applications, You can install the Portable version on your pen drive and add it to the list of programs of LiberKey Ultimate. Some of the programs that may be useful and does not come pre-installed:

Skype Portable: the version for USB flash drives from one of the most versatile instant communicators; Portable: Keep in your pendrive many programs for editing texts, spreadsheets and slides, compatible with MS Office.

In addition, You can organize your documents from your pen drive in an own folder,managed by own LiberKey.  Really,is everything you need in one place!

Incredible package with hundreds of free applications that you can take everywhere in your pen drive!

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