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Day 19 April 2011, blogger/blogspot, Announces the launch público  novo design do painel de administração do blogger.dashboard new 15 42 27

But, wait a second before you go check your Blogger Panel, porque o lançamento gradual que começa com um conjunto limitado de users que visitam o  campo de testes do novo recurso, Blogger in Draft.At the beginning, only some people can see the new design of the Blogger in Draft. Over the next few days and weeks that followed they were rising to support all users of the project. There is no sign-up activation process or link for activation required, just wait, and you will see if your dashboard has been changed to the new design, When you log in to Blogger in Draft .

Below is the image of the new design of blogger Admin Panel.

dashboard new 15 42 27

Here are some words published by BLOGGER team IN DRAFT on the subject :

Although our team has been hard at work cranking out tons of new features over the past year or so, It's been a while since our user interface has had a major upgrade, so we're very excited with fresh look, new Blogger. However, There's a lot more to the redesign of bright new graphics and pages-we've rewritten essentially any application from scratch, usando a web mais recentes technologies que nos permitam fazer futuras atualizações no ágeis e flexíveis maneiras mais.
We decided to make the new interface available to our loyal users of Blogger as soon as possible. We understand that there may be some “rough ges ed ‘(see this page for the problems known), but no air fe, We will be continuously updating and improving the experience until you're ready to switch from Blogger in Draft. Our team is also very eager to hear your feedback, Please, do not hesitate to inform us of any errors or suggestions, clicking “Send feedback” link on the navigation bar (or directly about this form ).

This is just the beginning of many exciting updates we are planning for this year's Blogger, stay tuned!

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