Socorro, my car was hacked!

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It seems one sentence of fiction film, but believe me: This is closer to being said than you can imagine.

Seria mesmo possível um carro ser controlado por um computer? Hackers breaking into systems of automobiles with malicious intent? Good, It looks like a science fiction movie. But it's not. By all indications, nossos cars estão cada vez mais vulneráveis, as well as our cell phones and televisions, for example.

2010 Ford Fusion Sport

Imagine you with a car of year 2000 or newer. Good, most of them already have, at least, electronic fuel injection system, GPS, air conditioning, Reader pen drives and memory cards, headlights, automatic direction, Anyway, tudo aquilo que envolve a technology embarcada nos automóveis. Until then okay. But what controls it? An electronic system. This is the advantage and, also, the greatest disadvantages.

In a car where the majority of resources are dependent on a digital controller is the risk: they can be manipulated. Imagine you inserting a pen drive with music in your car, or even a CD pirate who bought (downloaded, recorded, both borders) and, all of a sudden, your car win “a life of its own”? This would indicate that he was infected with a virus.

Viruses for car?

Surprised(the) with the name? Because it is. The future promises that even. With so many technologies present in cars, it is likely that this idea, Unfortunately, exit of cinema screens and stop in flywheels.

According to the existing technologies in vehicles from around the world, in General, see a list of some of the major weaknesses, that could be manipulated remotely:

  • Accelerator
  • Brakes
  • Automatic Exchange
  • Headlights
  • Ignition control
  • Location via GPS
  • Air conditioning
  • Radio
  • And even your cell phone, connected via Bluetooth

Doesn't take a specialist to see that, controlling these points of a car, would it be possible to cause a tragedy, It's not even? Imagine the car braking suddenly, or maybe even accelerating without your consent? Headlights shutting down, motor does not work anymore and the worst: its exposed location.

My purpose is to let you, Internet users and drivers, desperate and reviled. I'd like, only, to enhance this side of technology.


If you feel unsafe(the) on your computer, knowing that you can have someone monitoring the whole time, What would you do if you knew that the car that you use every day had control (almost) total by a hacker? Who would pay for accidents caused? É a sua e a minha segurança que estão em game.

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