Login program to modify image Tweaks Logon on Windows 7

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tweaks logon windows 7Toda vez que você vai logar no Windows é a mesma tela? É bem cansativo ter que olhar sempre para a mesma imagem toda vez que o computer é iniciado, but messing with the registry to change this may not be a good idea, primarily for users who do not have much experience with this type of activity.

Was thinking about it the Logon Changer was created. With it is possible to place any image that you want as logon screen background system, and without messing in registry or system files.

THE application
Simple and friendly interface of Logon Changer allows any user to be able to use the application without any problem, even though it is not translated into Portuguese.

Options and settings Logon Changer account basically with four buttons, each responsible for a single function program. The screen also shows a preview of how the logon screen will be after the change of image. This way there's no need for the user to log off whenever you want to show as the new image was.

The program accepts any image, as long as it is in JPG format. If the figure exceeds the limit set(245 Kb), the Logon Changer automatically creates a copy of the image and resize it to the correct parameters. In this way the user does not have to worry about resizing them.


Principais resources:

Automatic image resizing- don't worry about the file size limit 245 KB imposto pela Microsoft. Logon Changer will give you the option to automatically resize and compress images to the highest possible quality. The original image is left intact.

Automatic Backup of images – all OEM sources and funds used previously are automatically saved when the background image is changed.


Available for download at

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