There is no privacy in social networks, Assange lawyer says

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Especialista em privacidade, Mark Stephens compara a rede a um cartão postal

Privacy expert, Mark Stephens compares the network to a postcard

Claramente não existe Privacy nas redes sociais.” This is the opinion of Mark Stephens, former lawyer of Julian Assange, the founder of the controversial WikiLeaks. Stephens specializes in privacy and, aside from Assange, defends victims of the scandal of clips in England. “Think of a postcard, that goes to the recipient without the envelope and can be read by anyone. Just put in the internet that you would put on a postcard”, recommends.

According To Stephens, vivemos numa era em que não existe safety of data. “Always going to be that person who feels tempted to disclose secret data on the network”, says. He tells, without naming names, que em alguns casos mesmo usando os meios tradicionais de comunicação ¿ como a entrega de documents secretos em mãos por pessoas de extrema confiança ¿ há histórias que vão parar nas capas dos jornais.

The lawyer says that he even had his phone stapled. “The media found out that this is an easy way to obtain secret stories without having to talk to the involved sources. Only that, with the technology current, We have no way to escape this kind of onslaught”, evaluates. “The tendency is always arise new forms of use of that data, Since social networks are becoming more and more information about each of us”.

Stephens believes that the technology scours the privacy is quite useful for intelligence services. “With her, You can find out what the totalitarian regimes are planning to do, for example, and what are your targets”, highlights. “Care must be taken, However, not to expose counterterrorism operations.” Stephens avoids questions about WikiLeaks and how the site has this kind of information. “I don't know what will happen with the WikiLeaks from now on”, is what it says.

When it comes to the prevention, the lawyer is pessimistic: even for the wealthiest, There is no way to prevent exposure. “I know celebrities have built huge mansions so that the paparazzi did not know in which part of the House they were. And this worked until the invention of Google Earth: today, eu posso vê-las na piscina sem sequer sair da frente do meu computer”, plays.

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