The internet has grown, and now your problems are great

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Today the Internet is no longer novelty. She grew up, and brought with him a load of “freedom” that, now, many people sleep Strip.


The internet has brought freedom of expression for people. So much so that many people use it to say things that, personally, would not have courage to say. This brings a degree of courage that defies limits.

The major events are currently: Bills SOUP and PIPA, que prometem acabar com a pirataria na rede mundial de computers; fall of the greatest free file sharing website on the internet; drop in u.s. military forces online systems.

Bomb threat

The Bills SOUP and PIPA threaten the freedom of content distribution on the internet. What moves, today, sites and blogs from around the world are pirated content. If in Brazil, for example, the original absurd tax products are of course “jeitinho brasileiro” always appeal to the “generic”. But if the rope pulls very hand someone falls into the mud of another. I.e., the media producing their rights to receive. The fight is bought, just missing the “delivery service”. Someone dares? I Doubt.

“The good ones always go first”, the saying goes

If the proverb has already said that the good will the first one might say that it is true. The fall of the site MegaUpload represents a milestone in the history of the internet. This is not a simple file-sharing site, but the biggest of them all. THE FBI investigated for some time and its leaders are behind bars (no more behind the screens).

The virtual world, for some, means a seventh dimension (If 6 are those which exist, I suppose), where what happens there does not interfere in the world out there. This is the false sense that the internet can bring. What you say there is a passport for his conviction there [outside]. If someone has something to disagree that see this example share site and tell if someone escapes.

“The Fort defends himself; o mais forte ainda defende os other

The FBI has fulfilled its duty [?]: closed the MegaUpload and arrested its leaders. But you forgot that your domain is in the real world. The internet laws are different (even though this seems unlikely). Even their online systems were attacked by a group of people who, virtually, used case. The FBI was strong in defending himself and the rights, but the hacker group Anonymous was stronger still, defending the other.


Some say that the third world war is beginning. I disagree. I think the next war won't be done using online systems, mas manipulação da própria nature. I do not wish to go into detail about this since I do not want to be taxed like crazy. When we penetrated into the world of Science and engineering we noticed how much man has the ability to control things – and always uses this with political interests. Therefore, end of conversation.

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