Congressman wants Google explain new policy hearing

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 deputado quer google explique nova poltica audincia  Google already had to detail the News on their terms of services American politicians, and now it may have to do the same in public hearing in Brazil. According to the website of the leadership of the workers ' Party (PT), Congressman Paulo Pimenta will propose to the Rio Grande Chamber of representatives to request a search giant explanation consumers on the changes.

From 1 March, Google will unify the policies of 60 services, What to the parliamentary may involve in violations of the rights of Privacy, Since the user will have to share their data in all products of the company of Mountain View. In the text of the PT Web site, modification is defined as “the great virtual straitjacket”, analysis of assigned to specialists.

“Let's confront various opinions and explain to society what will happen, Since there are many questions and many experts contend that the new privacy policy offers risks to the consumer”, said Mr Gaucho. He suggests that they are invited to the hearing specialists in consumer protection, In addition to members from the Ministry of science and Technology.

The party's note States that according to José Miracle, ativista de privacidade na internet in Brazil, the term unified service would give Google a more comprehensive database on each user, What would facilitate the delivery of targeted advertising and, Consequently, increase the search giant's profit.

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