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 empresas brasileiras mais inovadoras segundo fast company  Fast Company announced this week its annual ranking of the 50 the planet's most innovative companies. To draw up a list, the magazine analyzed performance and the business of tens of different companies and sectors whose innovations impacted industrial scenarios and also cultural.

Na lista General que elege as companhias mais inovadoras do mundo, There is no surprise in the result. Os primeiros lugares foram dominados por empresas de technology como Apple (1place), Facebook (2º) and Google ºº).

A novidade ficou por conta da presença de duas brasileiras, the Bug biological agents, in 33rd position and the Boo-Box, at the 45th. The Bug stayed ahead of names such as Kickstarter, rede colaborativa de innovation, and PayPal.

But beyond the main ranking, the publication also embarked on the wave of emerging and produced specific lists on companies of China, India and Brazil. Check out below the result for Brazilian companies more innovative, under the eyes of Fast co.:

1 – Bug Biological Agents

The company is in the first position among the country's most innovative. The reason is the use of wasps for pest control attacking plantations of soybeans and sugar cane, very important inputs for the Brazilian agribusiness. I.e., dispensando o uso de agrotóxicos e other produtos químicos que protegem colheitas contra danos de pragas e parasitas.

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