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No mercado existem diversos serviços de streaming de music e de playlists, but often the services are paid or are not yet available in certain territories of the globe. Thinking about it, an Israeli company, created by Yaron Revah and Guy Elharar, has created a new social network that uses musical videos YouTube to display your playlists, the Loudlee.

Loudlee HomeThe Loudlee allows people to listen to and share music, see what your friends are listening to, create playlists and best of all, users don't need to pay anything for the service.

"We created the Loudlee because of a gap in the industry of music service. All online services have a long series of restrictions, conditions and the Loudlee has no. It is free and can be used anywhere in the world ", He said the company's CEO PR Newswire, Yaron Revah.

Using the service is very simple: just the user log into the site with your login and password for Facebook and start exploring the page with hundreds of discographies, playlists and discover new songs.

Users can listen to an entire album at once, specific songs or even select the best-known songs from a particular artist. The Loudlee still allows the user to add new songs to your playlist, However, ainda não existe nenhuma tool que permite salvar as novas faixas.

The service also allows users to make new friends and begin to follow others and best of all they have unrestricted access to what your friends are listening to and sharing on the network musical.

According to the The Next Web, as soon as the user listen to a song for the first time, It is automatically added to your profile on Loudlee, However, If the user does not want it to appear among his most played songs, He can eliminate it with just one click.

O Loudlee não possui nenhuma ferramenta de Privacy, i.e., If you like some music considered suspect and would not want their friends to know, é melhor escutá-la using other services.

The site has a vast musical library with more than 3,4 millions of songs of more than 50 a thousand different artists and for users who live connected, the service still allows them to share what they're listening to with your friends on Twitter and on Facebook.

For the time being, the Loudlee is available only in beta and to access the new service you need an invitation.

The official site is Loudlee


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