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horario computadorO horário de verão brasileiro já causou muita confusão com computers and notebooks, They insisted on do not adjust the time manually and auto function not always helped. Luckily this changed, but, for those who may still have problems, preparamos Tips simple.

1 – Atualize o Windows

Users of Windows Vista and 7 are already covered with a system update so that the Exchange is done automatically. Just, According to Microsoft, run Windows Update and install available updates.

For users of Windows XP or 2003, the recommended is to download the latest version of Windows Update, December 2011. A problem can occur if your timezone is set to a different location in your State.

2 – Keep an eye on the smartphone

Para a maioria dos celulares e smartphones, the option to update the time automatically with the operator brings many benefits, but in this period may generate errors. The update can take operators, making your player get stuck to the old time. For this does not happen, turn off the automatic update and change the clock manually, wait a few days and turn on automatic updating again.

3 – Xbox and PS3

Automatic time consoles us PlayStation Network and Xbox Live must be updated without major problems, But if the servers are getting just disable the automatic time and adjust the time settings manually.

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