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m-commerceAs compras a partir de devices móveis com acesso à internet tem apresentado growth exponencial. A study by eMarketer shows that in 2012 about 73 million users with more than 14 anos vão navegar ou pesquisar por produtos e serviços a partir de telefones celulares e smartphones. The market must worry about the complete dossier, i.e., from the moment that the Web surfer clicks on the ad up when he completes a purchase. If you are wanting to convert your ad's investment in mobile money, I suggest you consider the following points:

Keep a mobile site

So it seems obvious, né? Services like Mobify, Wirenode or Onbile, In addition to convert your conventional website into a mobile version, can help you build a new page quickly. To make sure it has good navigability, think about how mobile users are using your website. In addition, keep the most relevant information accessible.

Consider buying for comparison

It's never been easier to verify information from multiple sources. If you have a special offer, the best options, free shipping and excellent customer service the chances of him giving up purchasing fall sharply. However be sure to check also the reasons why, in spite of the limited screen space, the search performed by the user him exactly to your mobile site.

Invista em safety

Send your credit card information from a cell phone still appears to be a strange idea, but more and more people used to do this. So your potential consumers unafraid to conduct this operation type, pass all information about payment security that the mobile site has

Offer discounts

If your customer prefers to see the product in person in physical store before purchasing it, a mobile coupon or discount card could help you to purchase. Tente integrar seus applications de cupom de desconto para mobile ou promova a utilização de QR codes. Discard the possibility of distributing discount cards from plático. Find a solution that combines more with the century 21 to perform this type of action.

Review the reviews

Before completion of the purchase, many consumers give a look at the reviews of products and services. If there are negative comments, find a way to respond to them and try to make their assessments reach the average of 4 the 5 stars. Just a negative review so that all go down the drain. The next time you see an advertisement, Click to know how far it will take you. Then ask the following questions. It is simple to use? You give up right away and his attention shifts to something else? Stay tuned to the complete process to make sure that the solution proposed by his campaign is able to overcome the expectations that your ad mobile offers.

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