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gforceThe great trend for the market of video games are the games with high level of detail, the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games – MMORPG, Online RPG games – and the First Person Shooter – FPS, in which the player assumes the position of shooter. Some examples of success are World of Warcraft (MMOPG), Battle Field and Call of Duty (both of FPS).

O crescimento desse mercado tem impactado diretamente no aumento da procura por computers, placas e processadores que possibilitem a boa reprodução dos Games. Graphics cards, processors, motherboards now are not restricted to matters < to style = "BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px dotted; COLOR: # 000066; CURSOR: hand; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" oncontextmenu = "return false;" onmouseover = ' Pal1837330500hw. hwShow (event, this, "professional"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "solid"; ' onmouseout = '. Pal1837330500hw hideMaybe (this, "professional"); = "hand"; = "underline"; = "1px dotted"; ' onclick = ' Pal1837330500hw. hwClqnaj ("professional"); return false; ' href = "#" rel = nofollow > professionals of technology, but they are also subjects of discussion among gamers.

But, What will be the key to making good use of all features or 3D games in high definition? Will a monitor quality is enough? A monitor only reproduces faithfully the details of the images if the graphics card has high processing speed. Then, the tip is: to take full advantage of all the details of the games, Choose a high performance Board.  Translating: the graphics card processor transforms data into images, filling the screen pixels. In high-resolution games, the computer arrives to do this processing of pixels more than 60 times per second.

And how to choose a graphics card?Currently, most graphics cards have a minimum of 512 MB of memory, but, more important than that is store the data transfer capacity. Prefer equipment with a good memory (DDR 3 ou 5, they are potent to accompany the processor speed),and a good band (128, 256 ou 384 bits). Byore responsible for communication between the memory and the graphics processor, the band is vital to good reproduction of graphics of the games.

To calculate the data transfer capacity, We must multiply the frequency of Board (in mega-hertz, MHz) by band (in bits) and divide by eight. Difficult? Let the example. In a video card 512 MB, DDR 4, 2.250 MHz, 256 We MHze bits: 2.250 x 256/ 8, resulting in 72 GB/s. A great data transfer speed.

Having a good transfer capacity, make sure that the cooling system of your Board is efficient. Complex graphics processing requires a lot of equipment, heating it up and, without a good cooling system, the card overheats and their fun can last bit. The Cheque and cooler fan, When in use, make periodic reviews for cleaning, avoiding overheating and zunidos.

Finally, but no less important, It is already possible to find dedicated factory overclocked cards, i.e., with the optimized performance through a process that leads to its full power equipment, surpassing their limits and doubling the yield of computer. If you choose a card without overclocking, You can do the process at home through a software. But stay tuned: factory overclocked cards have higher income.

With a good graphics card, processor and monitor, just choose the game and enjoy the fun.

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