The Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2 gives the next step of the Skype revolution

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MESSENGER PLUS! FOR SKYPE 1.2 TAKES THE NEXT STEPYuna Software, the company that develops, draws and publishes the Messenger Plus!, launches the Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2, the second version of the new product from the same developers of the most popular and respected extension to the Windows Live Messenger. The initial release of Messenger Plus! for Skype, 1.0, reached more than one million downloads in less than a month. While the first version of Messenger Plus! for Skype introduced free animations and video call recording and voice, the new version brings processing effects of video and voice, software translations for multiple languages and more.

“Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2 temperando continues with Skype more audits of technologies”, says Alex Shamash, Business Director of Yuna Software. “We are happy to have added as many News the original product in so little time, and I hope that Skype users are as excited as we are to experience a fun and practical product, packed with features, and completely free.”

Special effects

With the special effects video transformation of Messenger Plus!, Skype users can clone online, create a mirror effect, extend and shrink your images, change the color of your video display and more.

Sounds different

When you make a Skype call, the Messenger Plus! for Skype allows you to amplify or change your voice to produce all kinds of fun effects, as robotic or alien. You can also identify your contacts according to their call sounds.

Show text in your video conversations

The new version allows to show text in your video conversation with your source, color and favorite positions.

Download the Messenger Plus! for Skype 1.2 (17 languages) or by Skype App Directory

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About the Messenger Plus!

The Messenger Plus! allows users to get more out of your experience with Instant Messenger, including plugins, masks, sounds, emoticons, and more. Users of Messenger Plus! benefit with tons of exciting features for Windows Live? Messenger since 2001, with a new add-on available for Skype. The brand name Messenger Plus! It is owned by Yuna Software, a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and has several offices around the world.

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